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iPhone 6 (Panoramic Mode) – View of the Holbox beach, just after dark clouds passed on the horizon (sky was rarely clear during our time there with daily showers)

Two full weeks in Mexico, 3 cameras with us. Our GoPro 4 with a Dome for underwater photography, our Canon 5DMkIII with the 70-200mm and my iPhone6 – which unfortunately did not survive the holidays – and died in a “presumed” Decathlon waterproof bag which wasn’t.

Our yearly holidays are usually the time where we do more serious photography, when time and mindset is openly creative. We have been using the Canon/iPhone/GoPro for a few years each now so we know the tools pretty well. I think it would be interested to share a few numbers.

GoPro4 + Dome. Obviously for all the underwater stuff, you can’t beat the GoPro. One of the few top rated pictures though – lots of average shots unfortunately. Lack of skills 😉

When we got back all the pictures from 3 cameras were put together in Lightroom and sorted/ranked/modified independently from the camera it was taken from – so all was done in fairness – and on a small computer screen. The finding are pretty astonishing – the Canon is clearly a much better camera/sensor/lens …. but when we look at the final number it’s very surprising !

Number of 3* (Three Stars), 4* and 5* pictures from our Mexico holidays. Five starts pictures are the best.

Basically the iPhone is matching the Canon 5D on number of 3* and 4* pictures – with around 20 each ! Some pictures are shared in this post and it’s due to a few factors. The best camera is always the one we carry with us – and it’s possible I’m getting lazy and use the iPhone more and more. To add to it it’s a pretty decent camera anyway for landscape and casual shots, excellent for panoramic shots. Finally the tooling available on phones to tweak shots now with row mode is getting pretty mature.


Canon EOD 5D Mk III – Playing with depth of field is where SLR still excel. Raw image is easier to work with, zoom in and color tweaking.

So while people generally buy the most expensive phone they can afford – for me it will be buying the best camera available on a phone … and make sure it’s waterproof as well 😉


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